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5th Anniversary elite foil bag

This edition of the blind bag is being branded as 'ELITE' and the name of the product is not the only change. The Elite foil bag is a far more structured series than we have seen in previous years, with the range consisting of 40 figures, with each figure being produced on 4 base colours, so there is a total of 160 figure to collect inside the ELITE foil bag.

There are 33 figures in home kit, 2 managers in suits and 5 away kit chasers to collect. The 5 away kit chasers are exclusive to the foil bag and are not being released as single blister packs, so the only way to get these away kit figures is inside the Elite Foil Bag!


The Elite foil bag features a whole host of new sculpts and first time releases with all figures being in 2016/17 kit or the new Classic kit, with the only excpetion being Cesar Azpilicuetta for Chelsea, who is in 2015/16 but as the Chelsea kit is not being updated for the 2016/17 Collection, it is classed as this seasons kit.


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