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2018 Edition

The SoccerStarz 2018 Edition Foil Bag featured 40 figures in Home kits, 5 of which will be Manchester United in their own Manchester United Foil Bag, the other 5 are Away kit chasers exclusive to the 2018 Edition Foil Bag!


It is not only the amount of figures which has changed for this years foil bag, so have the base colours, with SoccerStarz introducing 2 brand new colours to the range, those being Hot Pink and Mint Green!

The SoccerStarz 2018 Edition Foil Bag feature 5 away kit chaser figures, which are exclusive to the foil bag and not released on any other format! The 5 Away kit SoccerStarz are Dele Alli for Tottenham Hotspur, Luis Suarez and Neymar Jr for Barcelona, and Sergio Ramos and Gareth Bale for Real Madrid.


With 45 SoccerStarz figures in the range and 4 base colours to collect, making a total of 180 different SoccerStarz figures available inside the 2018 Edition Foil Bag.


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